My name is Christian McKay Heidicker.

Stay a while.

I read. I write. I drink tea. On the day of the blood sun, I sacrifice demon effigies to the Order of the Purple Fox. I play racquetball sometimes.

My first book, CURE FOR THE COMMON UNIVERSE, is available now from Simon & Schuster. It's about a kid who's committed to video game rehab. Learn more here. 

My second book, ATTACK OF THE 50-FOOT WALLFLOWER, will be published by S&S 11 September 2018. Preorder here

My first middle-grade, SCARY STORIES FOR YOUNG FOXES, will be published summer 2019. It's my favorite thing I've written . . . but I'll let you decide for yourself.

There are other things on the horizon, including a graphic novel and a trilogy about two thieves trying to break into a magical manor.

I spent several years working in education, developing instructional comic books for a non-profit, and teaching creative writing at Broadview University. I wrote science and history articles for 4th-12th graders over at Bird Brain Science, hoping to make young students giggle and gasp their way through what otherwise might feel like difficult science subjects.

I occasionally co-host storytelling evenings in Salt Lake City. If you can locate us, we'd love to have you.

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