Oh, hello.

My name is Christian McKay Heidicker.

I'm a fairly predictable writer, I'm afraid. I read. I write. I drink tea. On the day of the blood sun, I wake before dawn to sacrifice demon effigies to the Order of the Purple Fox. I play racquetball sometimes.

I've spent the last several years working in education, developing instructional comic books for a non-profit and teaching creative writing at Broadview University. I currently write science articles for 4th-12th graders over at Bird Brain Science. It's my goal to make young students giggle and gasp their way through what otherwise might feel like difficult science subjects. They tend to absorb more that way.

I also co-host storytelling evenings in Salt Lake City. If you can locate us, we'd love to have you.

My first book, CURE FOR THE COMMON UNIVERSE, is available now from Simon & Schuster. It's about a kid who's committed to video game rehab. Learn more about it here. 

My second book, THROW YOUR ARM ACROSS YOUR EYES AND SCREAM, will be published by S&S in fall of 2018. It's gonna be so good, dudes.

My first middle-grade, SCARY STORIES FOR YOUNG FOXES, will be published in the Halloween-y season 2019. It's my favorite thing I've written . . . but I'll let you decide.

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